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Mentor Antwon Cooper (left) helps student Julius Barne, 15, during a group activity in a history class.

Diamonds In The Rough

The overall aim of this program is to model a self-esteem programme that can be institutionalised and administered within the educational system in St. Kitts. The model would ensure skilled instruction from a caring mentor relationship for each fifth Form student at the various high schools in the St. Kitts. 

These relationships will be used to help improve student self-esteem levels and, in so doing, help transform the students into the well-rounded, ideal citizens that can contribute to individual and collective learning and growth. Another goal is to measure and assess the self-esteem level of all fifth Form students to discern whether these levels are influenced by gender, family structure, student involvement in extra-curricular activity or academic performance. 

At the end of the programme students should acquire (1) a positive image of self, family, community, region and world; (2) respect for others irrespective of age, class, creed, gender, ethnicity, physical disabilities and nationality; (3) an abhorrence of violence in all its forms and commitment to settle disputes through arbitration and conciliation; (4) the capacity to understand that individual freedom is consonant with the acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s own actions; (5) Community of ethical and moral societies that recognises equality of opportunity, freedom of expression and association, and the right to fair judicial process

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