Sponsorship Levels


Sponsorship level criteria are as follows:

  1. Titanium – commitment of EC$25,000 per year for five years
  2. Platinum – EC$54,000 and above in any year
  3. Gold– EC$25,000 – EC$53,999 in any year
  4. Silver  – EC$15,000 – EC$24,999 in any year
  5. Donor – up to – EC$14,999 in any year

Our suggested areas for donations are set out below –

  • Youth at Risk
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Other

Donations Help

Show Children You Care

To positively affect the life of the children and youth in our community, by creating an environment that is conducive to learning, growth and contribution, replete with community and family support, and free of violent and negative coercive forces.