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“Fusion” is the name of a group of musically talented young men, aged 19-25, from the Lodge and Basseterre area, organized as part of a Music Mentorship Program by the Department of Culture designed to empower these vulnerable youths to lead a life away from the destructive path of crime that is plaguing our community.

With the support of persons in the community, Creighton Pencheon (Coordinator), David Blake, Marvin Henry and Nigel Williams, the group has been able to provide these young men with the necessary musical equipment, for music training sessions and at the same time inculcate values that would serve them in a positive way.

The group’s objectives include the utilization of musical training to empower underprivileged young men to lead positive and wholesome lives; provide resources to develop musical talent and skills; solicit the support and expertise of accomplished musicians to mentor these young men in their areas of interest; to provide opportunities for them to earn a livelihood eventually.

The expected outcome for this project will be well-rounded, musically trained young musicians who can

  • participate in community events for exposure and giving back;
  • organize music sessions for young boys in the Lodge/Ottleys, Newtown and St.    Johnsons Village areas;
  • earn a livelihood in the music entertainment business.

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