Eligible Projects

Project Focus

In keeping with the Theme and Mission of the ACF, projects proposed for funding by the Advancement of Children Foundation should focus on at least one of the following areas to be considered eligible for funding:

  • Improving the statutory protection of children
  • Providing help and guidance in enabling parents to become better parents
  • Enforcing child abuse laws, or assisting in the eradication of child abuse
  • Preventing teenage pregnancy
  • Preventing and/ or Rehabilitation of Drug Abuse/ Abusers
  • Providing meaningful outlets and activities in which young people may engage to deter delinquency
  • Developing and enforcing rules and guidelines for the administration of stronger discipline in the home, school and community
  • Funding services to educate youth, including but not limited to anger management, interpersonal skills, life skills, reading, writing, math, science or any other studies
  • Fostering healthier communications in families
  • Providing a remedy in the education system to rectify issues surrounding discipline, truancy, bullying, and negative peer pressure
  • Providing a support group for males

Grant Information

Show Children You Care

To positively affect the life of the children and youth in our community, by creating an environment that is conducive to learning, growth and contribution, replete with community and family support, and free of violent and negative coercive forces.