Project Selection

Projects' Objectives

Ensuring transparency in the selection process, the ACF by majority decision shall approve applications for disbursement of funds based on the following criteria:

  • Management skills, experience and credibility
  • Number of persons who would be influenced/ affected
  • Sustainability
  • Under-funded and fits the above criteria

In selecting projects to fund, priority projects shall be identified by the ACF based upon the projects’ objectives.  The order of priority is set out herein as follows, projects geared directly towards:

  • Prevention or rehabilitation of delinquency and criminal behaviour of youths
  • Enhancement of parenting skills and/or family development
  • Development of skills in youths
  • Prevention of teenage pregnancy
  • Prevention and/ or Rehabilitation of Drug Abuse/Abusers
  • Eradication of Child Abuse
  • Any other objective not mentioned above

Grant Information

Show Children You Care

To positively affect the life of the children and youth in our community, by creating an environment that is conducive to learning, growth and contribution, replete with community and family support, and free of violent and negative coercive forces.