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TYFAC The Young Female Assistance Club

The Young Female Abstinence Club is a program aimed at young girls aged 13 to 16. This program will teach the young girls how to develop survival skills, self-esteem and communication skills. Wherever poverty is found, there is likelihood that crime and violence will manifest itself.

There is also a low socio-economic status amongst the youth population because of low academic achievements, the female population is affected , which eventually pilot the way to create an avenue and atmosphere for mistrust, disrespectfulness, dishonesty, low self esteem, teen pressure, drug abuse, domestic violence, incest, promiscuity, teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS and other STI’s.

Teen motherhood rates also are of great concern; they averaged 19.1% in 2001-2005. In the same period, 13 infants were born to girls 10-14 years old. During 2008, 23 young people died between ages 15-25 years old due to gang related activities and twenty-four (24) in 2009. It is very alarming, as this high data, recorded history in the Federation of Saint Kitts and across the region.

The participants of this project are teenagers who are eager to develop themselves in various life skills so that thy can have a smooth transition throughout adolescence and young adulthood.

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