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About The Advancement of Children Foundation

The Advancement of Children Foundation, known as ACF is an organization to positively affect the life of the children and youth in the community by creating environments that are conductive to learning, growth and contribution replete with community and family support that’s free of violent and negative coercive forces.

The ACF foundation offers programs such as:

Parenting Programs – This is a simple program that is proposed to address the issue by strengthering families in the federation through the delivery of a programme to train and certify parenting facilitators. The objective of the course is to produce a cadre of trainers who would spiral out into the farthest reaches of local communities thereby producing more competent parents in every area of the federation.

Slogan Programs – This program was designed to write slogans that contain no less than six words and is to carry a strong or catchy message to remind parents and would be parents of their responsibility in the education, upbringing and discipline of their child.

Diamonds In The Rough – This is created to model a self-esteem programme that can be institutionalized and administered within the education system in St.Kitts. The model would ensure skilled instructions from a caring mentor relationship for each fifth form student at the various high schools in St.Kitts. These relationships will then be used to help improve students’ self-esteem levels and in so doing help transforms the students into the well-rounded ideal citizens that can contribute to individual and collective learning and growth. Another goal is to measure and asses the self-esteem level of all fifth form students to discern whether these levels are influenced by gender, family structure, student’s involvement in extra curricular activity or academic performance.

Eagle Boyz – This is a voluntary community project aimed at eradicating the aim of the community by developing the spiritual, educational, physical and moral Cerebral Cortex of the brain. In light of this, it is our goal to create a “Community Boys After-School Program” focusing on the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Study Skills this with the implementation of modern technology. With this in mind, the dream is ours to instruct the boys by using projector-fixed information so that the instruction will be done on a different and colorful level.

TYFAC – Means ‘The Young Female Abstinence Club’ is a program aimed at young girls from ages 13 to 16. The program will teach the young girls how to develop survival skills, self-esteem and communication skills.

Scuba Certification – This program was organized by the St.Kitts Rotary Club to establish the training and certification of selected young men in the use of SCUBA equipment resulting in them obtaining an internally issued & recognized Scuba Certificate Card (‘C-Card’).

Fusion – This is the name of a group of musically talented young men ages 19-25 from the lodge and Basseterre areas organized as part of a Music Membership Program by the Department of Culture designed to empower these vulnerable youths to lead a life away from the destructive path of crime that is plaguing our community. The groups objectives include the utilization of musical training to empower under-privaledge young men to lead positive and whole some lives, provide resources to develop musical talent and skills, solicit the support and expertise of accomplished musicians to mentor these young men in the areas of interests to provide opportunity for them to earn a livelihood eventually.

The foundation will continuously strive to improve the lives of the individuals in our community through support and collaboration with the Rotary club of St. Kitts and other local companies.