Project Funding Volunteer


Purpose:  The purpose of this committee is to assist the board in making decisions regarding funding of projects to meet the Mission Statement of the Foundation.
Responsible to:  Board Members

 The committee will be responsible for:

 1. Developing and amending an application guideline.
 2. Developing and amending application forms.
 3. Review and analyse applications for funding.
 4. Reporting to the Board with recommendations and motions to fund/deny, and communicating with applicants.
 5. Committee members will work with Foundation Treasurer to ensure funds are received by applicant.
 6. Committee members will provide reports when necessary to Board.  Information on projects funded by Foundation will be included in these reports.
Meetings:  Frequency of meetings will be determined by members of committee. Although much of the work is expected to be done by email, the committee has the authority to convene meetings as they see fit.

How You Can Help

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