Marketing & Fundraising Volunteer


Duration: Standing Committee
Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to develop a systematic approach to marketing and fundraising in order to communicate the mission of the Foundation and needs externally and further to ensure availability of funds in  time so that operational plan as well as the strategy can be achieved.
Responsible to:  Board Members
Chairperson:  Volunteer
Membership:  Volunteers

 The committee will be responsible for:

 1. Working closely with the Project Funding Committee to determine their funding needs.
 2. Developing and implementing fundraising strategy and annual marketing plan keeping in mind the yearly plan and long-term vision and strategy of the ACF.
 3. Reviewing current communication strategy (website, presentations, brochure, stationary, thank you letters to donors, etc) and implement improvements accordingly.
 4. Putting systems in place for timely fundraising and communication with donors.
 5. Setting a long-term plan for marketing and fundraising, driving the organization to continue its work in the future.
Meetings: Frequency of meetings will be determined by members of committee. Although much of the work is expected to be done by email, the committee has the authority to convene meetings as they see fit.

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