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Girls Illuminated is a female empowerment project created by a Kittitian mother and daughter. The project is dedicated to hosting various empowerment programs and events annually for the empowerment of female beings. The demographic for this project is girls aged 6- 17 and embraces at-risk girls from various communities and schools in the Federation.


The mission of Girls Illuminated is to educate and empower, spiritual and social growth to encourage and inspire girls to love self, exude their inner beauty and be more conscious of their wealth, the health of their mind body and spirit.  The vision? To see an island where girls and young women know their worth, love themselves, respect themselves, seek to live healthier lifestyles by using mother-nature as their healer, understand the power of gratitude and the laws of attraction. 

It all begins with self and exudes unto others. When you empower a girl, you empower a nation. 

The core principles of this project is to –

  • Build self esteem 
  • Guide and encourage girls to make more positive life choices 
  • Train them in the art of modeling, an art form & skill that empowers to be graceful, poised, self confident, impressive, in addition to allowing them to be able to pursue modeling work. 
  • Guide them to be more responsible with their image, eg. Social media – ensuring they are keen on presenting/sharing a positive, non-degrading image of themselves. 
  • Enlighten them to be aware of the power of connecting to their spirit, nuture it through meditation/ yoga, physical fitness, healthy food choices. 
  • Enlighten girls to understand the power of their mind, their thoughts, what they attract starts from within, guide them to be more focused on the simple things, more important things to being able to survive this harsh world, while keeping true to being a good human being, regardless of obstacles. 

Our long-term goal will forever be evolving, as we impart knowledge to our girls through our carefully, lovingly designed programs. Education in the school system is simply not enough. Our girls are crying out and not even aware they are. Humbly, step by step, Girls Illuminated, as the name represents, aspires to enlighten the spirit and intellect of female beings.

Every girl is at risk! Our society is filled with negative influences, internally and externally, as social media is worldwide exposure. Negativity is highly publicized and praised and we must encourage girls to refrain, stay away and refuse to be attracted to such negativity.

The Program will –

  • Encourage young women to have a more positive self-perception; 
  • Teach etiquette and deportment to young women so they can feel more confident in various social settings
  • To develop healthier life skills for healthier lifestyles
  • To improve self esteem
  • To improve physical health and wellness 

At the end of each day girls will write in their self-reflection journals, provided by Girls Illuminated, sharing how they felt, what stood out for them etc.  Girls will then be encouraged to share what they wrote. This will in turn help them to develop the confidence to speak openly and share ideas.

ACF Testimonial

“From our inception in 2017, Advancement of Children Foundation has been ever present to support our mission of empowering girls through our Health & Wellness Summer Program. Their annual partnership through providing us with funding, has assisted us in ensuring our sound and impactful curriculum is executed to its fullness. 

We are ever grateful for our connection to this foundation and will continue to strive for excellence, in empowering girls from various communities as we inspire and impart wisdom and knowledge for the upliftment of the minds and spirits of the divine feminine.” 

Founder / CEO 

Ms Winnielle Pereira 

(January 2020)

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