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St. Kitts Yacht Club

St. Kitts Yacht Club (established in 1987) strives to encourage the sport of sailing and racing.

To promote sailing in St. Kitts to reach the youth community and build a large sailing community.

As sailing is an expensive sport, the Club aims to overcome the exclusivity of sailing and the inability to access it for members of the community, regardless of their background.

St. Kitts is a small island surrounded by water with perfect sailing conditions. The SKYC rationale is to teach children team leadership and survival skills, equip them with skills that can be used in the ever-growing tourism sector thereby giving them more opportunities in life as they mature to young adults; being part of the program also opens them up to being part of a strong yachting environment for St. Kitts and surrounding islands.

The beneficiaries of St. Kitts Yacht Club are school age children, age 6-15, male or female.

The program expects to achieve –

  • Skilled sailors;
  • Ambassadors for the country in the Maritime industry;
  • Skilled workers for the local tourism industry;
  • Skilled National Sailing Instructors;
  • Helping to reduce the amount of criminal behaviour and delinquency in youth;
  • Prevention of delinquency in youth by giving them a positive outlet for growth and experiences.

Anyone interested in sailing can become a member and get involved at the St Kitts Yacht Club. Visit them at 

ACF Testimonial

The Advancement of Children Foundation Has come through with a large donation.  Their donation is specifically meant to be for 60% of the cost of the safety boat and life vests for the Youth Sailing Program. Thank you ACF so much!”

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